Carelian cuisine and accommodation at Männikkölän Pirtti

Männikkölän Pirtti, an enterprise in Nurmes, Finland offers banquet and catering
services for special events. Accommodations, leisure programming and
cafeteria services are offered in addition.

From Guesthouse to Guesthouse -activities
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Männikkölän Pirtti – Carelian catering and accommodation

Männikkölän Pirtti’s ambient and pleasant dining facitilities offer a comfortable setting and atmosphere for meetings, conventions and family festivities. Carelian specialties and fish from the Lake Pielinen are prepared by our locally renowned chefs. All cuisine is prepared from local ingredients. Männikkölän Pirtti is well-know for its delicious Karelian pies.

Accommodation services

We offer overnight accommodations at Männikkölän Pirtti. The cosy cottage near lakeside has four bedrooms, living room, small kitchen and sauna. You can also order in advance meals served to you at the pleasant dining facilities at the main house.

The rooms can be rented separately or you can book the hole cottage for you and your family.

In the winter season Männikkölän Pirtti serves as a café for cross country skiers.

Service languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, German

Rooms: 32 €/person/night (Price includes bed linen). Karelian breakfast on request.

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Information and reservations:
Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
Kauppatori 3, 75500 Nurmes
tel.: +358 (0)50 336 0707


Männikkölän Pirtti offers multiple leisure time activities. Mushroom and berry picking along with fishing excursions give guests the chance to enjoy the nature and wilderness while being able to take home some of it’s products. You can also participate at Carelian pie –workshop to bake local pies and pastries.

Guesthouse to Guesthouse –activities lets you and your family experience Carelian nature without rush, traveling by bike, canoe or by skiing using the nature surrounded routes from Guesthouse to Guesthouse. See our video above!

Silence is a journey towards simplicity and clarity. It helps us to discover the profound things that really matter in life. The present day is characterised by an interest in silence. Withdrawal is necessary, because it enables us to get a grip on our increasingly complex, challenging and confusing lives.

Silent Moments at Guesthouses

Take a break from day-to-day life to simply be and peacefully listen to your surroundings and yourself. A three-day stop in a silent inn is an opportunity for rest, spending time outdoors, guided light exercise, delicious local food, relaxation for mind and body, and for actively listening to the sounds of silence.

Visitors can also pre-book massages and other treatments for an additional fee.

Prices from 270 eur /person, 2 days, Fri-Sun (groups of 4-12)


Puukarin Pysäkki, Valtimo
• Laitalan Lomat, Valtimo
Männikkölän Pirtti, Nurmes
Majatalo Pihlajapuu | Äksyt Ämmät, Nurmes
Kestikievari Herranniemi, Lieksa
Möhkön Manta, Ilomantsi
Möhkön Rajakartano, Ilomantsi
Maukkulan Mustikkamäki, Ilomantsi
Karelia Cottages, Varpasalo, Rääkkylä

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Reservations and further information:
Karelia Expert Matkailupalvelu Oy
Tel. 050 336 0707

The Carelian Pie Workshop

The delicious Karelian pies made by Majatalo Männikkölä Pirtti are famous throughout Finland. These unique pies are an important part of the region’s food culture, and at this workshop you get the chance to prepare them together with the true “grand old lady” of Karelian cooking. At the same time you can experience the local culture. Your hostess Ritva bakes both traditional and gluten-free Karelian pies, as well as sultsinas and vatrushka, with over 30 years of experience.
Duration: 3 hours

Prices (2016):
2-4 persons: €75/person
5-10 persons: €55/person

Prices include: Welcoming coffees, a short lecture on Karelian pies, the Karelian Pie Workshop,
and lunch/supper.

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Booking enquiries, information and reservations:
Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
Kauppatori 3, 75500 Nurmes
tel. :+358 (0)50 336 0707